“Rulky happyly cooking the prawn”
I think I will said that my family was the one who got me into starting an autograph collection. As I was young, they started this small autograph book in 1987 and went on asking people like LKY, some of the Singapore Politician and some famous actors/singers.So I have been collecting autograhs sinces 1999. I started sending out more letters for autograh after I got an autograh from James Garner (The Great Escape (1963), Space Cowboys (2000))and Jeremy Bulloch the Actor of Boba Fett from Star wars Episodes V and VI.

That when I started my love and wait for autograhs. I did for a few years and I stop for sometime before I redo my hobby again.
Now I am going to show all my autographs collection that I have collected in the past and soon to come on this blog.
It is just fun waiting for the autograhs to come to the mail box.. And the hoping that they will write a personal letter! I have some personal letter that I got from actors and writers and singers. Things on question that I ask and etc.So I hope you will enjoy looking at my blog. And Do vist sometime to see any cool updates that I got from the mail.

And I will try to keep every Address that I send to them to share it to you!


Facts about me:

ID 8588
member of the 501st Legion
(Imperial Officer: Imperial Intelligence – Isard)
  Photo on me: Shot by Jason Koh
Big fan of comic and toy. But I have more comics then toys.
Love Star Wars, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Bones and etc.
Collect about 170 gambit covers (and more lost count) and 25 cards on gambit
Have an older sister who is a Lawyer
Love to vist Disneyland. Visted = 2 Time in Hong Kong. 1 Time in Japan, 1 Time in USA
Got a Messy room
Got more guy friends then girl friends
Working on a Children Story called “Mootina and Rulky the Space thing”
Doing as a Photograher

Lord_Angelus - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

Costume that I have/wore for now:
Ysanne Isard – Star Wars (501st Singapore)
Lady Mechanika -Aspen Comics (For STGCC 2011 & AFA 2011) of Warcraft – Mage Tier 5, Tirisfal Regalia  (Working on a V.2 on this) of Warcraft – Rogue: Nightslayer Armor Teir 1 Jenny Quantum– The Authority (Mahahaha I do have the shirt. :D)Blondie – Sucker Punch (do you think I have to do V.2 for this too?)

NCIS – Red color

World of Warcraft – Alexstrasza: The Life Binder

Marvel – Psylocke

Marvel – Black Cat

Marvel – X-23

Image – Witchblade

Working on:
Cassie Hack – Hack/Slash  – Testing costurm now.. as I have most of her stuff. just no baseball bat.
World of Warcraft comic – Valeera Sanguinar – This year.
Magdalena – Top Cow comic (hopefully will be done by this year)

free counters
My Room (in 2010) :

(This is Part 1 of the comics that I keep them at.)

Placeses that I have Travel:
.England (London, Cardiff, Bath, Bistor)
.France (Paris)
.Switzerland (Zürich, Geneva, Lucerne, Interlaken)
.China (Beijing, Shanghi)
.Hong Kong
.Australia (Perth, Gold Croast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne)
.New Zealand (South of New Zealand
.Los Angeles
.New York
.Japan (Tokyo)


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  1. 1 gordon September 17, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    gordonator stalking this blog from 2009 onwards.

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A girl from Singapore that collects autographs from anywhere by mail or face to face.

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