Cosplay name: Angelus

I have been cosplaying sinces 2004. But I took and on off break from cosplay becuase of studys. And now I am back!

Here are some of my cosplay works.
Ysanne Isard – Star Wars (501st Singapore)
Lady Mechanika – Aspen Comics (For STGCC 2011)
Lady Mechanika – Aspen Comics (For AFA 2011)
World of Warcraft – Mage Tier 5, Tirisfal Regalia (Retried)
World of Warcraft – Rogue: Nightslayer Armor Teir 1
World of Warcraft – Alexstrasza: The Life Binder
Blondie – Sucker Punch
NCIS – Red color
Marvel – X-23 (Singapore 1st Cosplay chess)
Marvel – Psylocke
Marvel – Jean Grey
Marvel – Loki (Marvel Film: The Avengers)
Fate Stay Night – Rin (EOY 2011)
Witchblade – Top Cow comic
Magdalena – Top Cow comic
DC – Jenny Quantum from “The Authority”
Diablo III – Demon Hunter (Female)
Shyvana the Half-Dragon – League of Legends
Baroness – GI Joe

Blogging/Prop making with
The Neo Tokyo Project

Project Zen

Helping out in an event:

International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS)


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