How do you get all this Address from?
I did a search on yahoo, webpage, books and etc. Even ask the Singapore indoor before when the singers or actor is doing a show.

Can I send my own picture, toy, comic to them to sign?
Yes, you can. But just beware that you may not get your items back again.

So it is a 50 / 50 chance that your item may:
1) get lost in the mail
2) damaged in the mail (I got one of my cards damaged)
3) get sign
4) not getting sign on it at all

So it is a chance in sending the item for own to sign.

If you are sending an item to be sign by them,

Use Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope as we call it S.A.S.E. It may get your chance in receiving a reply from them.

Man, How much have you spead on the postage?

SGD$1.10.. Last time it was SGD$1. And alot of Envelopes.

Good lord, your shoot picture looks like f***.
Mostly becuase I am just too lazy to take my camera and shoot the items one by one. And I am using my PSP to take a picture on it.(Yes PSP have a addon which is a camera) May be one day if I can get hold on a sammer.
How to type a request on an autograph?
I do a mix. Sometime I write by handwriting. Some time I write it on the computer and print out. Personally, I type my requests on the computer because my handwriting is just messly.


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms.__________.
I enjoyed your role in the movie ___________________.
I have been a fan for ____ years.
Please send me an autographed photo.

My address:


Do write your address nicely on the letter. Sometime they will just cut your letter up and put the address on their letter when they are sending it to you.

ALWAYS write your address on the outer envelope by hand. (it is for letter to be send back to you if it is RTS)

On the average, how long do you wait for this autographs?
I have ever got an autograph after a year later. The fastest I got it at least 3 months becuase most of this I send by oversea. So Do not get dishearted if you never got your autograph.
So… have you ever got letter said back to you?
Yes, I have try the addresses. And it send back as Address Status: reported as RTS. RTS means Return To Sender. I got alot of letters that was RTS.
Can you sell it to me?
How do you know if the autograph is prepaint ie not real?
It is easy to spot under a light like a desk lamp. Preprint photo are celebrity that have signed once and you know…. do a reproduced with the signature on the picture.
What if the pictures are not even sign by them?
hmm… I did think about it before. But heck. So what if it is not they really sign it? At least they send a nice picture on themself right?
Those address that I posted is what I got from the webpage. Sorry if you got a RTS.
Do you know that you can even ask an autograph picture from MediaCorp? I have never send request an autograph picture from mediacorp before. But I have seen one guy from oversea on his autograph homepage. He ask for Fann Wong autograph after she acted in Shanghai Knights (2003).

1 Response to “FAQ”

  1. 1 Franklin Joseph March 18, 2011 at 10:54 pm

    Hi joey

    this Is Franklin aka Joseph Or Sometimes KS

    I have a website Here which i also sent fan mail too



    I’m using Irc’s to send my fan mail This site is good for Beginners

    Autographs Recently Gotten

    1.Gordon Ramsey ( Mr Hell Kitchen Mr Nasty)
    2. Sigfried and Roy Masters Of the Impossible (SAMORTI)

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